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BeTea offers you a wide range of carefully selected teas !

How to make perfect tea

How you like to make your tea depends on how you like to drink it. Some people like their tea strong and rich, whilst others prefer it mild and delicate. It is all a matter of taste. There are, however, three important things to remember to maintain the quality of the tea: Water temperature The...

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Be tea brings you four new varieties of Indian tea

> Jasmine Green tea: 100 g box of loose jasmine green tea, a real treat… > Apple-flavoured black tea: Box of 25 individually wrapped teabags And, in response to customer demand, herbal teas! > Camomile tea: Box of 25 individually...

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A range of handpicked authentic teas

Be-Tea products are teas that we choose ourselves, directly from small growers. Today, we are proud to offer you a wide selection of handpicked premier teas, whose aromas and flavours will transport you across Asia.

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